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Monday, April 27, 2009

What should I spend my money on?

As a teenager, adult, newlywed, mother or father, retiree, there's a lot of ways to put your cash somewhere useful.
Teenagers have tendencies to spend their money on clothes, movies, dates etc. In my case, I keep my money and save it up for later use. I am soon turning 16, so I would like a car. I am saving up for a cheap but durable car. ie; A ford.

Newlyweds usually have money and are comfortable because they just got married, which lead to gifts, money, and of course happiness! If I were a newlywed, I would save it up, because you never know what the future reserved.

Mothers and fathers probably have to use it on their kids. Kids are expensive eh! (Canadian thing.)

As a retiree: Maybe you're low on cash, so you could spend it. But if you want to impress everyone out there, clothes are useful!

Top 10 ways to spend your cash

1. Clothes
2. Food
3. Rent
4. Bills (Electricity Etc)
5. Toys for your kids
6. Gas for your car
7. Save it in your bank
8. Activities with your friends
9. Invest it to make more.
10. Charity!

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