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Monday, April 27, 2009

Cashcrate - The Best Free Cash Site

Cashcrate, the all mighty cashcrate.

At first, cashcrate was a small website, people didn't know about it, people were skeptical about it, but now cashcrate has reached 1.4 million members. Did you know people are willing to pay you for your opinion?

Cashcrate obviously makes profit on you, but you make so much money starting absolutely FREE! Yes, because we only allow free websites here! People (like me) have made a lot of money from cashcrate, it is very useful if you're getting into these kind of websites for the first time. They pay you to do surveys.

You have a huge list of offers available to you, and more are added every single day. These offers and surveys pay a lot depending on the task that is given to you. You have some offers/surveys that pay you to give you e-mail address and some pay you to sign up with your credit card. The best offers are the 100% free offers.

So you are probably wondering? When do I get paid and how do I get paid?
To get paid, you have to reach the minimum payout which consists of a low 20$. All you need to reach is 20$ and you get paid.

After you are done an offer, you click "Submit" next to it, and you wait till the offer gets approved.
To join Cashcrate (pays you to complete surveys) click here

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